And all I can taste is this moment and all I can breathe is your life. When sooner or later it's over I just don't wanna miss you tonight.
Jackson was amazing tonight! Amazing way to start the night! 😍
Waiting for @5sos while looking homeless. Sat on this dirty sidewalk since 9 AM. 💩👎 But it’s alright, I’m gonna see my four husbands. Another 6 hours of waiting to go. #turnup (at Times Square NYC)
The picture says it all! 😂😂😂 K got bored.
Happy Birthday to my big bro! I love you so much and thank you always being there for me even though you may be very annoying sometimes. I am so proud of you and everything you do! I am so happy and glad that you are my big brother and cookie boy. You always cry about music and fanfics together with me and you tell awesome stories. Plus we take killer selfies! I hope you had an awesome day and i hope you enjoy your homework. 😂 I love you cookie boy and i will always be there for you. I thank god for you everyday and got your back! 👍 #reginageorge

Fight Club