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I like how my feed is looking lately. I’m so happy ☺️ || enjoy this beautiful photo of the skywheel! 🎡
myrtle beach 2k14. 🌊
Qa picture of pastries at Starbucks I took yesterday. ☺️
early morning coffee runs are my favorite. 💓


I’m just glad Sarah Orzechowski married Brendon Urie because Urie is much easier to pronounce than Orzechowski.


I think we can all agree that Brendon and Sarah would make beautiful children

  • <b> Sarah:</b> Brendon, no.<p><b>Brendon:</b> bRENDON YES<p><b>Dallon:</b> Don't do the thing<p><b>Brendon:</b> I'm doing the thing<p><b>Spencer:</b> Brendon, don't do that you're going to fa- look at that you did it and fell. For God's sakes you did it again.<p><b>Brendon:</b> .....<p><b>Spencer:</b> Screw it. I'm gonna go play with my legos.<p>


i want brendon and sarah to adopt me

Literally same

Does she know that my destiny lies with her?
Panic! at the Disco (via that-melancholy-feeling)
This is how I imagine a conversation between Brendon and Sarah when Brendon wants to do something utterly stupid:
  • Sarah: Brendon no
  • Brendon: BRENDON YES!!!
yesterday while traveling in the city, I was trying to take a picture of the city view but my brother was moving my hand and photo bombing the picture so in return I got this picture. When I saw this picture I learned that things can be beautiful even things do not go your way. So yeah I got a weird lesson through this photo so that&#8217;s why I&#8217;m posting it. 💭